Once upon a time, in a land filled with glamour and elegance, Tigressa discovered her true passion – ballroom dancing. She was captivated by the beautiful costumes and jewelry shimmering under the lights, in a world where “too much” does not exist. This fascination with all things that sparkled fueled her desire to create her own unique pieces of statement jewelry.
Tigressa’s love for ballroom dancing and her innate creativity led her to establish her own jewelry brand, Designs By Tigressa. She poured her heart and soul into each piece she created, ensuring that every design was bold, unique, and made a statement. Her jewelry quickly became known as “Luxury Boho Chic,” a style that combined luxury and elegance with a bohemian flair.
One of the most remarkable aspects of Tigressa’s work is that she makes each piece by hand. This dedication to her craft allows her to maintain the highest quality and attention to detail. Her customers are not just purchasing a piece of jewelry; they are investing in a work of art, lovingly created by an artist who pours her passion into every single piece.
Inspired by her love for all things glamorous, Tigressa has expanded her collection to include more than just earrings. Now, her line features Ladies Tops adorned with exquisite hand-stoned Preciosa rhinestones, as well as rhinestone-studded underwear, rhinestone-decorated fabric belts and bejeweled antique mirrors among other beautiful treasures  Tigressa’s love for luxury and elegance shines through in each piece, making her brand a must-have for anyone looking to create an impression.
Tigressa’s customers are not afraid to stand out and make a statement. They are bold, confident, and daring women who embrace their individuality and wear their jewelry with pride. They are drawn to Tigressa’s creations because they know that her pieces will make them shine and sparkle, just like the beautiful women on the dance floor.
Tigressa constantly experiments with new materials, colors, and techniques, ensuring that her jewelry and other creations remain fresh and exciting. Her customers eagerly await her latest creations, knowing that they will be unlike anything they have ever seen before!



Swarovski is a hard worker and can be very productive, even without thumbs. Though something of a nuisance he has a huge heart and is delightful company.  He does require frequent naps. He works for kibble and snuggles.


The Admiral is also a hard worker, but is also a furry little toad who insists on doing everything the way that she sees fit. She also requires frequent naps, but she also likes to take “squirrel breaks” to watch the squirrels that frequently appear on “her” balcony. She also works for kibble and snuggles, but all snuggles must be on her terms.